Bears WR Javon Wims Punched Saints CB C.J. Gardner-Johnson Setting Off a Brawl

Ryan Phillips
Javon Wims punches C.J. Gardner-Johnson
Javon Wims punches C.J. Gardner-Johnson /

Chicago Bears receiver Javon Wims is likely to get a hefty fine and possibly a suspension this week. The third-year wideout punched New Orleans Saints cornerback C.J. Gardner-Johnson after a play and set off a fight between the two teams.

After a play early in the third quarter, Wims walked up to Gardner-Johnson and threw a punch with his right hand, the stepped back and did it again, then shoved at him with his left. Both teams ran in and wrestled around a bit.

Check this out:

It looks like the first thing Wims did was trying to snatch the chain off Gardner Johnson's neck, then punched him.

Here's another look:

That was crazy and did not appear to be provoked. Maybe the weirdest part was how Gardner-Johnson kept his cool, stood there and took it at first. As a result, he didn't get penalized while Wims was ejected.

This is yet more evidence of two things: NFL players don't know how to throw punches and punching someone wearing a helmet is moronic.