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The Bears Just Ran the Worst Trick Play of the Season

Ryan Phillips
Chicago Bears v Dallas Cowboys
Chicago Bears v Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears are playing the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, trying to overcome their hideous uniforms to win their second game in a row. But if they keep breaking out horrible trick plays, that's not going to happen.

Early in the second quarter, the Bears trailed 21-7 and faced 3rd and 15 from their own 20-yard line. They opted to attempt a double pass in an effort to catch the Cowboys off guard. It was easily one of the worst-executed trick plays I've ever seen. Obviously things went hilariously wrong.

I have so many questions. First among them is, did they even practice this? Because it sure as hell doesn't look like it. The play also didn't fool anyone. It was so clearly telegraphed, the Cowboys had several players waiting for it. They also got flagged for an illegal forward pass on the play. Woof. Just a terrible design and worse execution.

That's the worst trick play we've seen in the NFL this year. With play calling like that it's no wonder Chicago trails 28-7 late in the first half.