Woman Saves Dogs By Shoving Bear Off Her Garden Wall


Over the weekend a momma bear and two cubs wandered onto a woman's property in California. As the bears traversed the garden wall on the side of her property, her dogs went out to confront the bear. The bear started swinging as the cubs ran and the woman rushed out to save her dogs. In one of the more heroic acts you will ever see, she shoved the bear off the wall and got the dogs inside as the bears retreated.

This is an insane (and new) video, but it's also very topical. Just a few weeks ago YouGov did a survey asking people about fighting animals, with six percent of surveyors saying they thought they could beat up a grizzly bear.

While this is a similar brown bear (beats, Battlestar Galactica), it still counts. Is it proof that some people can beat up a bear? This woman was faced with a full-grown bear and treated it like an annoying stuffed animal. If you run this back a dozen times, things probably don't work out as well for the human, but we got the W in this timeline so let's just enjoy it and hope we never have to do it again. Unless they refuse to get out of the hot tub.