BCS Championship Ratings: Ugly, Boring, Alabama Shutout of LSU Delivers Only a 13.8


The overnight ratings are in from Monday’s lackluster BCS Title game, and the early verdict: Rematch + no offense + shutout + all-SEC game = a 13.8 rating. Yuck. My prediction was way off. Not surprisingly, the game was a hit regionally – Oklahoma City, Nashville and Atlanta were the biggest non-game markets. Did the Northeast or the West Coast care? That remains to be seen. USC Matt Barkley watched, but wasn’t impressed

Best I can tell, it appears that the lowest-rated BCS title game ever was USC vs. Oklahoma in 2005. The Trojans won, 66-17, and the game drew a paltry 13.7 rating. So Alabama-LSU would now be the 2nd lowest-rated BCS title game.

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