Baylor is Announcing Recruit Commitments With Muppet Videos

Liam McKeone

Baylor's football team had a great year in 2019. Head coach Matt Rhule led his team to a top-10 ranking and gave Oklahoma a run for their money in the Big 12 Championship Game despite having to use three QBs throughout the contest.

They earned a spot in the Sugar Bowl against Georgia on New Year's Day for their efforts. But college football does not sleep, and Rhule's staff has been working all year to secure recruits to try and continue to build the program for next year and beyond. Baylor announced all of their recruits via their official Twitter account on Wednesday morning, using... muppets?

Upon further review, yes, they are using muppets. For every recruit announcement, the team is using a muppet look-alike for all of their recruits. They then follow up that tweet with an actual highlight video of their new players. Some of them are even weirder than that sentence.

While there's no obvious connection between muppets and football, Baylor's creative and social teams get a big A+ here. Syracuse is doing something similar, only with comic book characters instead, which kinda makes a little more sense, but not really.

Points all-around for keeping things fresh!