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Draymond Green and Drew Timme Prove Basketball Players Can Stop Flexing Now

Stephen Douglas
Drew Timme flexes on USC.
Drew Timme flexes on USC. / Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Flexing is dead. Basketball killed it. Ryan Tannehill buried it. Over the last week we've seen some of the most egregious uses of the on-court flex in recent memory. Maybe ever. First, a wiry flex came during the NCAA Tournament during one of Drew Timme's many ridiculous celebrations.

Then last night Draymond Green broke out a flex. In a loss. While his team trailed. During the first half. After making a layup. While overpowering Duncan Robinson. This literally deserves the reaction, weird flex, but ok.

Robinson wasn't even really trying to foul. And Draymond flexed like he was LeBron being mugged by a 275-pound center in the Finals. Maybe the simplest explaination is that Draymond has no control over his arms or his legs and this flex was involuntary. Maybe that's what he tried to explain to Bam Adebayo.

The point remains. These guys are high level athletes. They work out. They should be strong. At least save this celebration for when it's warranted.