Baseball Writers Will Have an Hour to Write Their Gamers

Kyle Koster
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

This will be a season unlike any other. Major League Baseball is hoping to play and will only be able to follow through on that intention by observing a grab bag of precautions and preventative measures. One of those, aimed at keeping as little expelled breath as possible from polluting the air, is to boot reporters from the ballpark 60 minutes after locker room interviews wrap.

This is probably a good idea but will add another few degrees of difficulty to an already-difficult job. How can only be expected to capture the majesty of a 9-2 Reds victory in a single hour? How can one wax poetic under such intense heat? How many times will we hear Mark Twain channeled in lamenting such a long gamer because they ran out of time?

All in all, it's probably a fair trade for scribes who won't have to find interesting angles for 98-odd additional games. Of course, there's the health risk to weigh.

It will be interesting to see if there's any perceptible change in coverage with the hour rule. I feel fairly confident beat writers will rise to the occasion covering the most bizarre late summer of their lives. That said, also looking forward to the first time this rule is enforced when someone has just a few graphs to go.