You Can Rent a Minor League Baseball Park on AirBnB

Liam McKeone
Minor League Baseball
Minor League Baseball / Chris Hondros/Getty Images

Have you ever wanted to traipse around a baseball park entirely on your own? Well, if you have the capital to do so, now you can! The Minnesota Twins' Double-AA team, the Pensacola Blue Wahoos, have listed their park in Florida on AirBnB and are allowing fans the opportunity to rent it for $1,500 a night.

I am curious to see what the bedroom setup is. I can't imagine a minor league club would have a room dedicated to sleeping, and that's even improbable for a major league club. Did they transform the press box into a suite? Some might argue that's a better use of the space anyway.

If I were one of the many wealthy retired people in Florida, I'd pull the trigger on this instantly. I probably wouldn't even bring anyone else. Just a night spent in an empty stadium on the water, enjoying the vastness in silence. Or maybe I'd throw a banger of a party. Both are pretty good uses of the space.