Bartolo Colon's Latest Home Run is Pure Joy

Bartolo Colon at bat back in his Mets' days.
Bartolo Colon at bat back in his Mets' days. / Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Bartolo Colon, a one-of-a-kind baseball player who emits the purest form of joy the game can bring, blasted one of the more memorable home runs in recent memory when he clubbed one over the fence in San Diego back in 2016.

The 47-year-old hasn't completely closed the door on playing his way back to Major League Baseball but has transitioned his signature style to include tape-measure softball home runs in recent years. And as far as new stages go, it's certainly a smooth one.

Here's Colon's latest, which took place on a fence-less field and thrilled every single on-looker.

A leisurely home-run trot punctuated by teammates holding drinks scurrying out to dap him up is a reminder that baseball is supposed to be fun. It may not be the most exciting footage or representative of the fiercest competition, but if you can watch this without feeling a twinge of joy, it's probably time to do a mental inventory.

Because it's great.