Barstool Sports Had Super Bowl Week Credentials Pulled By NFL

By Ty Duffy

Super Bowl media week welcomes entertainment reporters, people in weird costumes, children, and other assorted characters. But, apparently, the league does have standards for being credentialed. The NFL pulled Barstool Sports’ credentials, ostensibly blocking them from using radio row to promote their podcast or Comedy Central TV show.

The credentials purportedly were pulled due to their sit-in at league offices over Deflategate. Apparently, someone remembered that after granting them to Barstool and letting them in Media Day?

"The reason? Four Barstool Sports employees once organized a sit-in at the league offices to protest Roger Goodell’s handling of Deflategate, and when they refused to leave, they were arrested. The league said it doesn’t credential people who have been involved in such antics."

One suspects other “antics” (like showing up to the RNC convention with a “Goodell is Hitler” sign) and notable past controversies (such as publishing Tom Brady’s child naked) may have factored into the decision. The ban did not stop Barstool from getting some A-list media celebrity promotion on radio row.