Barstool's Top Talent Popped Champagne Celebrating John Skipper's Resignation From ESPN

Kyle Koster

ESPN President John Skipper announced today that he is stepping down to address his substance abuse issues. The outpouring of responses from current and former employees has been overwhelmingly positive and heartfelt with most hoping for him to get healthy.

Some media outside of the Bristol bubble, however, are responding differently.

Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool, reveled in dancing on Skipper’s “grave.”

“John Skipper, the president of ESPN, arch-enemy almost No. 1, that Dr. Evil, the Roger Rabbit bad guy-looking mother f—er Dr. Doom has resigned effective immediately from ESPN,” Portnoy said, popping champagne flanked by Kevin Clancy and Dan Katz. “It is a huge victory for us. I love watching my enemies go down. They say it’s substance abuse, that stinks for him but it’s probably a cop-out.”

The bad blood between Portnoy and ESPN bubbled even warmer after the Barstool Van Talk fiasco.

“He was probably f—ing drunk when he cancelled [Barstool Van Talk],” Portnoy continued.

The Barstool chief added that he would be willing to revive the television show at ESPN with Skipper now out of the picture, although that seems like sort of a longshot now.

He concluded by saying Sam Ponder and Sarah Spain are next pelts he’d like to collect.