Barstool CEO Erika Nardini Discusses SiriusXM Radio Launch, Revenue Diversity, Controversies

Ryan Glasspiegel

Erika Nardini, CEO of Barstool Sports, joins the podcast this week! We discussed:

  • The lineup for Power 85, the Barstool Radio station launching on SiriusXM on Wednesday. What are the goals for the channel?
  • What is the revenue pie chart for Barstool like, considering partnerships with platforms like SXM, Facebook, and Snapchat; merchandise sales; direct sponsorships; PPV for events such as Rough N Rowdy boxing; podcast advertising; and web display?
  • Is linear television still in the cards?
  • The Barstool Van Talk/ESPN dissolution.
  • The plusses and minuses of Barstool potentially being acquired again.
  • How she responds to criticism of Barstool, and an argument that she is a shield for misogyny.

Hope you enjoy!