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Barry Bonds' Dog Rocky Was in the Westminster Dog Show

Stephen Douglas
Barry Bonds' dog Rocky.
Barry Bonds' dog Rocky. /

Barry Bonds owns two miniature schnauzers named Rocky and Apollo. He must be a major cinephile like his old friend Michael Bolton. Unlike Bolton, Bonds was at the Westminster Dog Show on Sunday and Rocky was competing. Bonds spoke to Jennifer Hale of FOX Sports and seemed absolutely elated to be there.

He just seemed so happy and proud. Unfortunately, like Bonds, Rocky was unable to win the big one, but that was not important. As Bonds told Hale, "The reward is getting here." See? There's no crying in dog show.

And speaking of Dog Show, Miss Colleen's dog's name was Rocky Balboa, which just adds a completely unnecessary extra layer to this already incredible story of redemption, dogs and home runs.

If this doesn't get Bonds into the Hall of Fame, nothing will.