Baron Corbin Hits Becky Lynch With End of Days, Brock Lesnar Cashes MITB on Seth Rollins

Ryan Glasspiegel

WWE Extreme Rules had a very eventful finish in Philadelphia tonight. In the mixed-tag main event, Baron Corbin hit Becky Lynch with his end of days finisher, then Lynch’s real-life boyfriend Seth Rollins massacred Corbin and pinned him to end the match, and then Brock Lesnar cashed his Money in the Bank suitcase on Rollins and hit him with the F5 and won the WWE universal title.

First, the end of days:

WWE had been dabbling with the idea of returning towards intergender wrestling with moments with Ronda Rousey, but this is the most emphatic case of male-on-female violence in the company in quite some time. So much craziness happened after this that it will probably be a footnote, but the reaction to it bears observing.

Lesnar coming out shakes up WWE’s programming heading into SummerSlam:

WWE fans when Lesnar is champion because he works about a third of the TV dates and the shows he’s not on feel like they have no stakes. On the other, there is something tantalizing about watching people chase him so it could give the product a new shot in the arm.