Barbie Fans Fight in Movie Theater as Credits Roll

Barbie fight
Barbie fight /

The Big Lead's Fan Fight series got a brand-new entry in the form of Barbie fans getting into a fight as Greta Gerwig's masterpiece rolled the credits. It seems two fans got a little heated after the movie ended and got into an argument that led to a fairly violent shove from one party, elevating the dispute to an official scuffle.

At least it seems that everyone began to shuffle out and didn't escalate the conflict further. Unless there's any footage of the aftermath in the movie theater lobby.

We have no info as to why this fight occurred but my money is on a dispute over assigned seats. It's the only time I personally have ever seen anyone get this heated at a movie before. Or maybe they're all just mad about the movie's map of the South China Sea like Vietnam is. Or they side with Ted Cruz. A lot of possibilities.