Here's Barack Obama's NCAA Tournament Bracket

Kyle Koster
Spencer Platt/GettyImages

In simpler times, then-President Barack Obama spending a few minutes with Andy Katz to break down his NCAA Tournament bracket predictions used to pass for a scandal. We were all so young back then. The First Four didn't even exist for most of his first term.

Anyway, our sportiest leader has continued the tradition of filling out one of these sacred documents in his post-Presidency life, capturing a bit less attention. But also possibly performing better because he's no longer burdened with pesky problems like international politics and can really sink his teeth into Purdue's game film to understand what Zach Edey's imposing presence really means.

His picks for this year are not particularly chalky.

The Houston Cougars are the only No. 1 seed in Obama's Final Four, joined by UCLA, Duke and Baylor. In my unbiased view as a Spartan, he has made an excellent choice in trusting Tom Izzo's 7th-seeded team into the Elite Eight.

It also appears he forgot pick a second-round between Pitt and Xavier, leaving open the possibility of calling David Axelrod or whoever is running the pool this year to say he meant to pick whichever team is leading at halftime. That's a heady play.

A Duke-Houston championship would seemingly be the exact thing Jim Nantz would script for his swansong on the microphone. Not sure we should be rooting for that.