Baltimore Orioles Ban Postgame Pie-in-Face Celebrations Because Fun is Dangerous

Kyle Koster

The Baltimore Orioles have banned pie-related postgame celebrations, according to dessert attack ringleader Adam Jones.

The All-Star outfielder has been stuffing pies in his teammates’ faces after big victories for the past few years — seemingly a harmless and fun way to mark a victory.

But since it’s 2016 and all joy must be audited for safety reasons, the tradition appears doomed.

Look, the Orioles front office isn’t wrong for wanting to ensure no player is injured in a vicious drive-by pieing. Chris Davis or Manny Machado scratching a cornea or breaking a nose in a fit of horseplay would be bad news.

On the other hand, they seem to have no problem with their players getting 550 at-bats in a season with 98 mph heat buzzing around their heads.

Which activity is more dangerous?

Clowns have been doing the pie-in-the-face routine for decades with relative safety. Finely tuned professional athletes who endure 162-game seasons certainly seem like they could take the physical punishment involved.