Ball Girl Takes Down Idiot on the Field at Dodger Stadium

Los Angeles Dodgers ball girl takes down streaker
Los Angeles Dodgers ball girl takes down streaker /

We've got a new star of the day, and it's the ball girl at the Dodgers-Angels game from Sunday afternoon. As the crowd was relaxing, enjoying the Dodgers topping the visiting Angels 6-1, a streaker hit the field. He deftly avoided a gaggle of security guards and looked headed back into the stands, then a hero emerged.

Yes, the ball girl took the streaker down when no one else could. She stepped up, got her hands on him and he violently flipped over the fence back into the stands. He was subdued.

Oh yeah, we've got video:

And another look:

And more:

Give her a raise. Like, immediately.

Dodgers fans have been struggling to behave themselves during the entire 2021 MLB season. We've documented several brawls they've been involved in. It popped up again Saturday night as a few fought with each other on the way out of the stadium:

At least the ball girl knows how to act properly in a moment of crisis. Hat-tip to her for her efforts.