Baker Mayfield Promises to F--- Up the Cleveland Browns

Kyle Koster
Eakin Howard/GettyImages

Baker Mayfield will be out for revenge in Week 1 as the Cleveland Browns travel down to Charlotte to take on his Panthers. We already knew this! Because why wouldn't he, after being cast aside for Deshaun Watson and the dozens of allegations and lengthy suspension that comes with such an experiment? This is the rare occasion where the public, which largely tired of Mayfield, is immediately back on his side and wants to see him eff up what appears to be a morally bankrupt franchise right out of the gate in this gift from the scheduling gods. Also wanting to see Mayfield eff up the Browns?

Mayfield himself.

On the Around the NFL podcast, Buffalo Bills reporter Cynthia Frelund relayed a brief conversation she had with Mayfield confirming that he has one mission and it's to destroy.

A professional athlete motivated to make a statement against a former team? You don't say.

I suppose this is bulletin-board material for the Browns but they already knew this storyline would be hanging over the game like a fine mist. Mayfield is a guy who is going to say what's on his mind and not mince words so him not saying this as pointedly would have been weird.

Interestingly enough the Browns also want to win the contest.