VIDEO: Baker Mayfield Rips Reporter and Storms Out of Press Conference

Ryan Phillips
Baker Mayfield
Baker Mayfield /

Baker Mayfield was not having it on Wednesday. During his weekly press conference, Mayfield got into it with reporter Tony Grossi and stormed out of the press room.

Check it out:

The question that caused that blowup had to do with the Browns' final drive of the first half. The team's two-minute drill looked really disjointed and the Browns weren't getting plays off quickly. Obviously, Mayfield had his reasons for that but Grossi kept pushing.

This will certainly generate headlines. When a quarterback is winning games and playing well, he's free to storm out of press conferences, rip reporters and do whatever he wants. But when that same quarterback is struggling to do anything on offense, losing games, and having a wildly disappointing season, this probably isn't the way he wants to act.

Sometimes quarterbacks have to stand there and answer dumb questions. It comes with the territory when you play that position. On Wednesday, Mayfield couldn't do that.

Mayfield's full press conference is below:

UPDATE: Mayfield tweeted the following statement out shortly after the incident.