Is Baker Mayfield's Postgame Interview Ron Swanson Reference Another Jimmy Fallon Plant?

Stephen Douglas
Cleveland Browns v Jacksonville Jaguars
Cleveland Browns v Jacksonville Jaguars / Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns got the full Baker Mayfield experience in game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday. Mayfield made some atrocious throws, but ended up with a solid stat line (66% completions, 258 yards, 2 TDs) in a close win over a horrible team. Then after the game he made a joke in his press conference reminding the world that he has a little personality and that's why he's in all those commercials.

That, of course, is a Parks & Recreation reference. Ron Swanson said that the only thing he hates more than lying is skim milk. Baker uses his punchline. So is Baker Mayfield a Parks & Rec fan? Or is this another Jimmy Fallon plant?

It would be incredibly disappointing if that were a Fallon plant. It's a little annoying that we even have to ask, but the way he shoehorned it in there, you've got to wonder.

Mayfield is the right age to have literally grown up watching Parks & Rec. It's also plausible that he watched The Office, which is incredibly popular on Netflix, and it came up as a recommendation when he finished. So maybe he deserves the benefit of the doubt?

Baker generally doesn't need help saying stuff. During the game he was overheard saying, "That was f-ing cute guys" when the Jaguars lineman shifted pre-snap. There's no way that was Jimmy Fallon.

Let's keep our fingers crossed.