Baker Mayfield Made a Spectacular Catch on a Trick Play Pass From Jarvis Landry

Stephen Douglas
Baker Mayfield making a spectacular catch.
Baker Mayfield making a spectacular catch. /

Baker Mayfield and Jarvis Landry's relationship is not a one-way street. Today Mayfield caught his first career NFL pass and it was a beauty from Landry. The wide receiver threw a pass to the quarterback on the sideline on a fake reverse. Mayfield had to jump to grab it and come down and take care to get both feet down inbounds. If a receiver made this catch, you would still consider it very nice.

Just as rare as Baker's catch was the call of roughing the passer that Landry drew while throwing the pass. Not many wide receivers have ever gotten that call before and Landry earned it as Rashaan Evans lit him up.

Mayfield would hit Landry in the end zone a few plays later. We'll have to see what kind of Parks & Rec reference today's performance inspires in the Browns quarterback.