Watch All Of Baker Mayfield's League-Leading 11 Interceptions In One Hilarious Video

Stephen Douglas
Seattle Seahawks v Cleveland Browns
Seattle Seahawks v Cleveland Browns / Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Baker Mayfield leads the NFL in interceptions through six weeks with 11 picks. Overall, he's having a pretty bad season, which you can really see in this video compilation of all Mayfield's interceptions this season.

I think if you look at the interceptions any quarterback throws, there's about the same ratio of bad passes to bad luck. Picks happen. They just seem to happen more to Baker Mayfield than anyone else. The pure volume of Baker's interceptions is awe-inspiring.

Mayfield has thrown 25 interceptions in his career. No one has thrown more interceptions (25) since the start of the 2018 season than he has. He has 25 picks and has only appeared in 20 games. At this rate, if he plays another 17 seasons, he could catch Brett Favre and become the NFL's Interception King. Now that's a title fit for a Cleveland Brown.