Baker Mayfield-Cleveland Browns Situation Extremely Awkward, But Not Beyond Repair

Jason Miller/GettyImages

Baker Mayfield wants to be traded. The Cleveland Browns, to this point, don't seem particularly interested in trading him after they took a run at Deshaun Watson. A franchise seemingly on the ascent two years ago, when they came perilously close to playing in the AFC Championship Game, has to figure some stuff out and move forward. Mayfield, still only 26 and looking to put an injury-riddled regression behind him, will have to decide to play nice, not play at all or play somewhere else.

The Good Morning Football crew had a good old-fashioned roundtable discussion about the awkwardness surrounding Cleveland this morning. And while everyone acknowledges that the situation is not great, my major takeaway from their discussion is calendar-based.

It's the day after St. Patrick's Day. More than five months stand between us and meaningful, regular-season football. A tremendous amount of things can change in half a year. Anyone who has lived through the past two years can tell you that. Frayed relationships can be salvaged. Time heals wounds.

If Mayfield-Browns is like a marriage then perhaps the most realistic scenario is the two parties deciding to stay together. Not because they are particularly enamored with each other but because there aren't any better immediate options out there. Both sides would benefit greatly from a pissed-off quarterback in a prove-it year.

So, yeah, maybe the sky is falling on a particularly cobalt Lake Erie. It'll take some time to know for sure, though.