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Baker Mayfield Doesn't Care About Cleveland Fans Who Won't Be Quiet on Offense

Stephen Douglas
Detroit Lions v Cleveland Browns
Detroit Lions v Cleveland Browns / Jason Miller/GettyImages

The Cleveland Browns beat the winless Detroit Lions on Sunday, 13-10, with Baker Mayfield barely outdueling Tim Boyle. Fans were not thrilled and neither was Mayfield, who left the field immediately after the game and did not speak with the press. Then his wife went on Instagram and shared a post calling out his teammates.

Today Mayfield spoke with the media. He was asked about the boos from the Cleveland faithful and didn't seem too impressed with them either.

So people inside the Mayfield home do not think his Browns teammates are tough enough and they don't think the fans know how and when to cheer properly. Seems like a recipe for disaster when you combine that with Mayfield's poor play and lack of a new contract. Could be an increasingly ugly situation as the Browns are currently in last place in their own division.