Bad News in China and Japan As Far As American Sports Resumption Is Concerned

Ryan Glasspiegel
Baseball / Chris McGrath/Getty Images

I'll fully admit that I've been among those letting my mind wander to the idea of quarantined sports in venues without fans, but even that daydream is taking a hit today, at least in terms of its near-term fulfillment. News out of China and Japan this morning is that the resumption of their sports are being pushed back:

ESPN's report on China says that it will be a "few weeks" before there will be more clarity about when team sports will resume. Here is the AP's report from a few days ago about Japanese baseball players testing positive for coronavirus.

I still think the NBA, NHL, and MLB will exhaust every possible idea in their power to try to get their seasons resumed or in MLB's case started as quickly as possible, but everyone is going to have to have a lot of patience and a high tolerance for uncertainty.