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Western Carolina Meltdown Forces Emergency Edition of Bad Beats on 'SportsCenter'

Kyle Koster

Every so often, a gambling tragedy so improbable and painful arises that it deserves stand-alone coverage. What befell Western Carolina bettors last night was heinous enough to cause Scott Van Pelt and Stanford Steve to get the Bad Beats imaging together for an emergency edition.

The Catamounts entered Wednesday night's action at 9-12, which led to them getting 7.5 free points against a 17-5 Mocs side. Surprisingly, everything was coming up purple for 36.5 minutes as Western built a 75-63 lead with 3:26 to play. Then the really bad stuff started to happen.

Chattanooga scored the final 12 points of regulation to force overtime, then put up a 14-6 blitzkrieg in the extra frame for a 89-81 victory at the closing bell, rendering the +7.5 tickets worthless.

It's all so gross. And possibly a reminder that there are better financial decisions than gambling on mid-week action in the Southern Conference. Although, if you had Chattanooga giving up the freebies, you're probably waking up this morning fully content and hungover after drinking in the joy of stealing victory from the clutches of defeat.

Just as a content choice, Bad Beats is far more entertaining than Good Wins. Is there a lesson there? Should these even be analyzed? Probably not.

All that's important is that if you had Western last night, you went on a journey no human being should wish upon their worst enemy.