Baby Fighting Baby Gender Reveal Party Was Fixed

Brian Giuffra
Gender Reveal.
Gender Reveal. / Logan Riely/Atlanta Braves/Getty Images

Gender reveal parties have gone too far. Much like everything in 2020, announcing which sex your impending household addition will be is fraught with danger. If these parties aren't sparking forest fires in California, they're pitting two inflated babies in a ring together to duke it out and see who will come out on top -- or really just come out.

The latest installment features two grown adults in creepy inflatable baby costumes fighting in a makeshift ring. The baby's gender is revealed only after one fake baby knocks the other out. This thing was rigged from the beginning.

Vegas took a beating on this one. Based on the bevy of pink outfits at the party, it's clear the favorite was the girl coming into this heavyweight showdown. But the boy was simply too powerful, landing countless haymakers to the defenseless girl's face until she crumbles to the grass.

It used to be cutting a cake and seeing what color the inside was dyed was enough for reveal parties. Now we have to shoot fireworks, have a baby fight or, like Kirk Cousins, barely hit a target with a mini football.

Here's a novel idea: wait for the baby to come out to learn what sex it is. Trust me, it's the best surprise of your life.