Ayesha Curry Now Debating Stephen A. Smith on Twitter

Stephen Douglas

Ayesha Curry has lost her composure over the last 24-hours. It all started with her father was questioned by security on the way into the arena because they thought he might be David Aminzadeh, a guy famous for sneaking into events. Curry tweeted that her father had been racially profiled and threatened with arrest.

Then Game 6 happened. The Warriors lost. Stephen Curry lost his mind, fouled out, and threw his mouthguard at a fanAyesha, along with Curry’s mother and sister, played to the crowd as they booed and sang Steph down the tunnel.

Well, Ayesha Curry caught wind of this. Now she’s going after Stephen A. Smith on Twitter.

Then Curry tweeted that the NBA was rigged for ratings and/or money. She deleted the tweet, but the damage was done. Now she’s a story which was addressed by Stephen A. Smith on First Take today. Of course, Smith took the opportunity to compare Ayesha directly to LeBron James’ wife.

Smith immediately turned that around and responded on First Take.

Amazingly, this morning the Sports Pickle predicted Ayesha Curry and Stephen A. Smith would make excellent First Take co-hosts. I’m sure Steph wishes she wasn’t so fast to embrace debate.