Reporter Who Did Contentious Carson Wentz Interview Just Made the Commanders' List

Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

Carson Wentz showed bright flashes in Philadelphia but as years have passed, he's no longer the hottest quarterback on the block. He'll attempt to re-write his narrative with the Washington Commanders and is laser-focused on the present and future. So when WJLA's Scott Abraham took some liberties in assessing his training camp performance and strolling down a nightmarish memory lane, all Wentz could do was smile, say the right thing, and hope the next interview doesn't put him on the defensive.

And Commanders fans can take some optimism for his ability to side-step the pitfalls.

That's QB1 stuff right there. It might not exactly translate to victories, but it's nice to know he's not going to melt under the scrutiny. Probably because he's no stranger to those dark arts.

The interview did not sit well with team president Jason Wright, who called Abraham a "pompous, unprofessional mess" before informing the reporter he shouldn't be expecting any special access.

Your mileage may vary but it seems like a case where both parties are taking a bit too aggressive of a line. Then again the dog days of August can make even the chillest men a bit hot under the collar.