Australian Navy Celebrates New $2 Billion Ship With Ceremonial Twerking

Dancers help commission an Australian Naval ship.
Dancers help commission an Australian Naval ship. /

The Australian Navy launched a new ship over the weekend. According to The Daily Mail, "the commissioning of the HMAS Supply in Woolloomooloo, Sydney was attended by Navy top brass." It also involved a group of women twerking in front of the $2 billion boat, suggesting it might have doubled as a Chet Hanks video. The reception to this is predictably amazing.

Under the condition of anonymoty, one person wondered aloud to ABC, "What would Horatio Nelson think of this s---show?" Well, Horatio Nelson died in 1805 so he would probably have a lot of questions about a lot of things before he could put together coherent thoughts on twerking.

The way this ABC dispatch bounces from serious to silly is amazing. It features this quote:

""But the ADF's core business will always be the application of lethal violence in the defence of our values, sovereignty and interests. We should never forget that.""

And people complaining about the military being woke and wondering if twerking is appropriate. Just another incredible day in Australia.