Austin Rivers and Mo Bamba Got Into a Fight That Resulted in Five Ejections

Stephen Douglas
Orlando Magic v Minnesota Timberwolves
Orlando Magic v Minnesota Timberwolves / David Berding/GettyImages

The Minnesota Timberwolves and Orlando Magic played on Friday night and for the second night in a row there was a fight in the NBA. Or at least what can loosely be described as a fight. There were people involved with violent intentions. Particularly Austin Rivers and Mo Bamba, who somehow got into it a physical confrontation with Rivers from the bench in the middle of the game. Rivers appeared to land a punch before Jalen Suggs pulled him away and Bamba went to the ground after him. From there it was a mass of humanity and hard to tell exactly what was going on.

Rivers and Bamba were both ejected, as were Jalen Suggs, Taureen Prince and Jaden McDaniels.

Bamba had scored 11 points in 21 minutes before the incident. Rivers had scored zero in 10 minutes. Hopefully, he explains exactly what happened on the next episode of his brand new podcast on The Ringer Podcast Network.

UPDATE: Bamba had the first word post-fight as he posted this to his Instagram stories.

And Austin Rivers has responded on his Instagram, saying that Orlando is his city.