Austin Rivers Devastated to Learn He Stole a Triple-Double From James Harden

Austin Rivers reacts to James Harden's lost triple-double.
Austin Rivers reacts to James Harden's lost triple-double. /

The Houston Rockets beat the Charlotte Hornets on Tuesday, 125-110. It was a game full of insane numbers. The Rockets hit 20 of 60 three-point attempts. It was the third time this season they crossed the SIXTY three point attempt threshold which had only been crossed seven times before tonight. (Five times by Houston.)

Danuel House Jr. made 4-of-11 three-pointers and James Harden made 6-of-11, but Eric Gordon stole the show by tying the NBA record for most three pointers attempted in a single game without a single make by going 0-for-12 from deep. Brook Lopez set the record in November 2018.

Speaking of coming up short, James Harden missed out on a 40-point triple-double because he couldn't chase down the final rebound of the game. Instead, Austin Rivers grabbed a rebound on the final shot of the game and ended up looking very disappointed in himself. You can see him shaking his head and apologizing.

Despite the win, this is kind of a sad look for Houston all around. Especially publicly acknowledging how important another pointless triple-double is to Harden.