VIDEO: Austin Rivers Encouraged Refs to Give His Dad a Technical Foul

Ryan Phillips
Doc Rivers
Doc Rivers / Harry How/Getty Images

Austin Rivers might have an awkward night the next time his dad takes him out to dinner. During Wednesday night's matchup between Austin's Houston Rockets and Doc's Los Angeles Clippers, the younger Rivers egged on officials to give Doc a technical foul in the fourth quarter. They obliged and his pop was slapped with tech, then got ejected.

Check this out:

And this is a fantastic shot:

That is awesome. Yeah, that's a son helping earn his dad a technical foul in an NBA game. That has to be a first.

Not only did Doc get a technical, he wound up being ejected and the Rockets topped the Clippers 102-93 behind 47 points from James Harden. It was quite a game, but Austin Rivers stole the show with the antics aimed at his pops.