Audio Recording Shows Antonio Brown and Drew Rosenhaus Wanted Nothing To Do With Buffalo Bills

Ryan Phillips

Antonio Brown released an audio clip of trade discussions between himself and agent Drew Rosenhaus, presumably from a few weeks ago. While the overall discussion is fascinating, one thing is crystal clear: Brown really didn’t want to play for the Buffalo Bills.

The discussion between the two covers a range of teams and topics while revealing some interesting tid-bits. For instance, the New England PatriotsPhiladelphia Eagles and Tennessee Titans were all players for Brown and he seemed interested in all three destinations. It’s also clear he really wanted to play for the Oakland Raiders, though Rosenhaus thought the team was backing away. But the best part of the whole thing has to do with the Bills.

When it comes to Buffalo, Rosenhaus had the following to say:

"“When the Bills called me today they said ‘if we make the trade, what are you guys looking for?’ And I wouldn’t even give them a number because I know you’d rather not go there.”"

Brown responded:

"“Yeah, don’t even waste time.”"

Look, I’ve been to Buffalo, and it’s not exactly the most desirable destination on the planet. And while the Bills have dedicated (read: insane) fans, they also have a legacy as one of the NFL’s most cursed franchises. Combine that with a young, erratic quarterback and I get why AB wasn’t interested.