AUDIO: Coach K's Son-in-Law Says Dillon Brooks Thing Was "Bad Look"

Ryan Glasspiegel

Chris Spatola, an ESPNU analyst and Sirius XM host who is a son-in-law of Mike Krzyzewski and former member of his Duke coaching staff, joined Ken Carman and Anthony Lima on Cleveland’s 92.3 The Fan today. Naturally, the topic of the Dillon Brooks handshake line lecture came up (around the 3-minute mark).

Spatola said that after-game criticism is something that Coach K has done before, and something that Dean Smith did before him. He attributed it to “hyper-competitiveness” — “it doesn’t make it right, but it’s not the first time that has happened,” he said. “To be clear, I don’t think any coach should talk to another coach’s players. I just think it’s a bad look.”

Spatola noted that it would also happen where Coach K would compliment the other team after beating Duke, but said, “Overall, definitely in the handshake line or on the court I don’t think it’s something that ends up being a good look, and the fact that Coach K apologized and put the statement out, which is not something he does regularly, clearly shows that there was some regret for that having gone down the way it did.”

It’s debatable whether the worse look for Coach K was doing this in the first place or lying about it afterwards. If he hadn’t done the latter, the former barely would have registered as a story. Nevertheless, we’re about at the point where this will all blow over, and it probably won’t come up again unless and until Coach K has similar thoughts about an opponent’s sportsmanship in the future.