Auburn Fans Get Shirtless And Rowdy During First-Round Win

Ryan Phillips
Auburn v Iowa
Auburn v Iowa / Alex Slitz/GettyImages

Auburn is the nine-seed in the Midwest Region at the 2023 NCAA Tournament and somehow the selection committee was nice enough to stick them near home in Birmingham. It's quite an advantage for a low seed and it certainly helped the Tigers on Thursday night. During an 83-75 first-round victory over Iowa, Auburn's fans packed the stands and got rowdy. In fact, more and more of them were taking off their shirts as the game went on.

The Athletic's Brendan Quinn documented the madness:

It's possible a few of these folks were a bit overserved. Personally, I don't get the instinct to take a perfectly good shirt off inside an arena with thousands of people around. Maybe if you've got something painted on your chest, but otherwise? That said, I appreciate these fans being dedicated to their favorite college basketball team. Good for them.