VIDEO: Arkansas Fake Punt Attempt Against Auburn Fails Horribly

Liam McKeone

When bad college football teams are playing very good college football teams, they dip into the dregs of the playbook to muster that one big play or score that could turn the tide when all the odds are stacked against them.

Arkansas found themselves in just a situation on Saturday, down 17-0 against No. 11 Auburn and facing a fourth down. They decided to try a fake punt. It did not go well.

I mean... Yikes.

The punter seems most at fault here. It appears the plan was to have the offensive line block down the field while the gunner came from across the formation to take a pitch from the punter. I don't know what kind of pitch that was, but I imagine it's not what they had in mind when they drew it up.

College football Saturdays, baby. Nothing better.