Aubrey Huff Went on a San Francisco Radio Station, Doubled Down on Misogynistic Comments, Got Hung Up On

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New York Mets v San Francisco Giants
New York Mets v San Francisco Giants / Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Aubrey Huff was invited on the Joe, Lo & Dibs show on 95.7 The Game on Tuesday. Huff was there to share his side of his uninvitation from the San Francisco Giants' 2010 World Series reunion.

Via 95.7 The Game:

"“I don’t believe a woman should be in men’s pro sports,” Huff declared. “Absolutely not.” Somehow, it got worse. “There’s so many more people, especially men who grind it out who deserve that spot more than she does. But I also don’t believe that men belong in women’s college sports or sports in general, either.” “Why would they want to be? I wouldn’t want to coach women in sports.” Huff said, laughing. “Women are tough enough to deal with anyway.”"

Again, the San Francisco Giants, the franchise which Huff so badly wants to be honored by, just hired MLB's first full time female coach a month ago. Reacting to that hiring is one of Huff's many reprehensible views that the Giants probably took into consideration when they told him to stay away from the reunion.

Of course, Huff tried to make it seem like he's been banished because he supports Trump. That's not the case, but he's the victim now.

Eventually, the host told Huff off before hanging up on him. I'm sure it was another great learning experience for the