Atlanta Hawks' Injury Report Requires Twitter Thread

Kyle Koster
Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

With COVID making it increasingly difficult to field a team and leagues refusing to slow the machinery of capitalism, we've waded into some odd waters. For instance, the Monday Night Football game between Miami and a comically undermanned Saints team was borderline unethical and entirely unfair. Games are being canceled ad hoc and if they are played, there's a chance not even the most devout fans will be able to tell the players without a scorecard. Then you get things like this: the Atlanta Hawks dutifully fulfilling a sponsorship deal by sending out today's Emory Healthcare Injury Report. In multiple volumes.

It may have been easier to list the players who are healthy enough to play in addition to not being in the precautionary protocols. A grand total of 15 names are on this list. It seems unlikely the next report will require a three-tweet thread but who can rule anything out at this point?