Atlanta Hawks Are Collecting Shooters, But is Dwight Howard Impressed?


The tear down was fun, and the rebuild is still a work in progress. Are you viewing the rebuilding project with Dwight Howard at the center of it? Since it appears – as of this very moment – Howard won’t be traded this summer, let’s envision him going to Atlanta in the offseason as a free agent.

Here’s one way Atlanta’s roster could look next year:

C- Dwight Howard
PF – Horford/Josh Smith (again, don’t think they should keep both)
SF – Kyle Korver
SG – Lou Williams/Jenkins
PG – CHRIS PAUL!!!/Teague (I know – CP3 is a longshot, but play along)

That’s an absolute best-case scenario. A much more realistic version – what if the Hawks are able to land Dwight Howard, but not Chris Paul? Well, then next season would essentially be a point guard audition: Devin Harris vs. Jeff Teague vs. Lou Williams (the latter is more of a combo, but still). And if they don’t get CP3, perhaps then they can retain Horford and Smith. Here’s a fallback option:

C – Howard
PF – Horford
SF – Smith
SG – Korver
PG – Lou Williams

You’re devoid of defense in the backcourt, but those two shooters with Howard commanding double teams … heck, you could go with Smith at power forward and get Korver in at small forward and Jenkins at shooting guard then you’ve had a lethal trio of shooters.

All you need is … well, to pray Orlando doesn’t trade Howard somewhere he’s going to sign an extension.