Atlanta Braves Announce Mass Layoffs In Least Compassionate Way Possible

Ryan Phillips
Miami Marlins v Atlanta Braves
Miami Marlins v Atlanta Braves / Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

The Atlanta Braves announced major layoffs across the franchise on Tuesday. That's a reality that has hit a number of MLB teams this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic shortening the 2020 season and slashing revenues. Unfortunately, the Braves announced their layoffs in the most tone-deaf and least compassionate way possible.

The release the team sent out is below:

So dozens of people are now out of work and the Braves cheerfully framed it as the franchise being "optimized" for the future. Seriously, go f*** yourselves.

Here's the reality:

All of those people are now out of work during a global pandemic, just so the Braves could "optimize" the franchise and be more efficient.

I get that sports are a business, but framing massive layoffs in flowery, corporate terms like they're a good thing is just a soulless way to do things. The Braves need to do better. Much, much better.