Athletics President Mocks SF Chronicle Writer Over Article About Radio Deal

Liam McKeone
Dave Kaval
Dave Kaval / Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

The Oakland Athletics broadcasted audio calls of their games on their own livestream platform last season. Clearly, they believed it was a success; the team announced on Tuesday that they would no longer have their games called on local Oakland radio and would be switching entirely to the team-owned platform, called A's Cast.

Not everyone is happy about the change. San Francisco Chronicle writer Bruce Jenkins wrote a piece about how it's a bad move by the team. Athletics president Dave Kaval disagreed and called out Jenkins on Twitter, using the favorite insult of the younger generation:

Yeah, I don't think this is the greatest look. Say what you might about switching from the local broadcast to their platform, there are likely thousands of fans who enjoy listening to the audio broadcast on the radio the old-fashioned way. Disparaging someone defending that audience with an "Ok Boomer" probably isn't the image the organization is trying to project right now-- much less a beat writer for what is probably the most popular paper in the area. Not to mention that Jenkins has long been a main figure at the Chronicle.

Kaval also isn't young enough to use OK Boomer effectively, but that's besides the point. A's fans certainly won't be happier about the change after seeing this.