At the NFL Combine, a Team Asked Baker Mayfield What His Favorite Beer Was

By Jason McIntyre

In a revealing story about Baker Mayfield’s trip to Indianapolis for the NFL Combine, MMQB’s Robert Klemko reports that the Heisman Trophy-winning QB from Oklahoma was asked this:

What kind of beer do you drink?

Mayfield, probably without missing a beat, responded “Michelob Ultra or Dos Equis.”

I can’t fault either of those choices.

Some of the other stuff in the story … wow. When the Bears approached Mayfield at the Senior Bowl about an interview, Mayfield responded, “You guys just drafted Mitchell Trubisky. So what do you want with me.”


This was the coolest part of the process:

First, a coach diagrams a play on a white board. He runs down the protection, the routes, the progressions, how to attack a defense in Cover 2, Cover 3 and Man. Then he erases the play and the questions begin. Who’s one teammate you’d like to take to the NFL with you? Tell us about this play in the Oklahoma offense? What’s your drink of choice? What do you plan on running in the 40?At the end of the 15 minutes, Mayfield is handed a marker. Teach us the play.

If I’m reading between the lines on which teams want him most, it’s pretty clear the Dolphins and Adam Gasewould be an ideal fit, and I’m not ruling out the Browns doing something crazy with the 4th pick, either.

I wouldn’t take Mayfield that high, I think his best value is in the last 1st/early 2nd round.