At Some Point, Kawhi Leonard Had Moving Boxes

Kyle Koster

Where is Kawhi Leonard going to play basketball next year? Will it be in Los Angeles? New York? Northern California? Or will he stay in Toronto?

You don’t know, I don’t know, and most experts don’t know. Leonard probably knows, but good luck getting any information out of him. Because the offseason almost as big as the real season, every clue and rumor is scrutinized for meaning.

Including a photo of Kawhi in the vicinity of some moving boxes.

Now, look. This picture could have been taken at any time at any place. And even if the superstar was loading up on moving boxes, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s leaving town. His lease could be up and people love to move from one location in Toronto to another. Just love it.

He also could have been helping a friend pack up. Or getting some boxes to fill with some antique glassware he’s not using anymore. Or using them to build a sweet fort in the living room.

The possibilities are endless.

So, in summation, we don’t know much. But these are definitely compelling creepshots.