AJ Hinch and Jeff Luhnow Would Basically Escape Their Suspensions if MLB Season is Canceled

Stephen Douglas
AJ Hinch and Jose Altuve.
AJ Hinch and Jose Altuve. / Tim Warner/Getty Images

Not so long ago the Houston Astros seemed like the greatest evil facing modern society. By bringing sign stealing into the 21st century nearly two decades after it started, Houston won a World Series and besmirched America's Pastime when they got caught a couple years later. Now two of the people at the center of the controversy - two of the only individuals to actually face any sanctions because of what happened - may escape with basically zero punishment.

According to ESPN, manager AJ Hinch and former general manager Jeff Luhnow's suspensions will be considered completed at the end of the 2020 MLB season - whether it actually takes place or not.

That would really be the perfect ending to this story. The Astros cheated, won a World Series, got caught, and were given a relative slap on the wrist. Now, basically through an act of God, the entire league is serving part of the Astros' sentence by potentially missing the entirety of the 2020 season. If the league is unable to play ball in 2020, both of these guys could be working by the time the next regular season begins.

This is partly outrageous, but also worthy of a big shrug. If this drags on long enough that we lose an entire baseball season, that means we lost the NHL and NBA seasons. College football is in danger and the NFL may be forced to take extreme action to get into living rooms this fall. Why not bring back Hinch and Luhnow and all of the rest of the Houston Astros so we remember how fun and harmless villains used to be?