Astros Removing the Tal's Hill From Centerfield at Minute Maid Park


Goodbye Tal’s Hill.

The Houston Astros will reportedly ditch the hill in centerfield at Minute Maid Park as part of a $15 million renovation project in time for the 2016 season.

Consider Tal’s Hill part of the contrived, let’s be quirky phase of baseball stadium design. For some reason the people who built Enron Field, as it was known at its inception, figured a locomotive engine in left field wasn’t enough turn-of-the-century quirk. So they added a hill … and a flag pole that was in play.

Call me crazy but a hill in center isn’t the greatest idea ever to come down the pipe in baseball. Sure it produced some cool highlights, like the Carlos Beltran catch I added below, but overall it felt quirky for the sake of quirky.’s Brian McTaggart says the Astros will move centerfield from 436 feet to 409 as part of the renovation.

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