"Artisanal" Johnny Manziel Apple Juice Already Exists in Cleveland

Ryan Glasspiegel

Johnny Manziel’s arrival in Cleveland has deservedly set off a flurry of excitement in the community. It really goes to show that, no matter how many times and how hard Browns fans get smacked down, they’ll always dust themselves off and let themselves be vulnerable to the potential of renewed colossal disappointment. There’s something supremely admirable about that level of fanhood.

Anyways: Artisanal Johnny Manziel apple juice. This recipe doesn’t look particularly appealing to me, but I’ll confess that I’m not super immersed in the high end juice scene. It should only be a day or two until a new local product emerges with his name on it, though. And maybe it’ll be something like craft whiskey that would be more pleasing to my palate. These types of things will pop up at a faster rate than his team of trademark lawyers can quash.

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