Arsenal Defeats Chelsea to Win Community Shield, Jose Mourinho Retains Title as King of Trolls


There is absolutely no love lost between Arsenal’s Arsene Wengerand Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho

If you remember: the two got into a tiff during a fixture last season, which Chelsea won 2-0…

…and this is just a microcosm of the disdain the two have for each other — as Mourinho has relentlessly taunted the Arsenal manager re: the fact that Wenger had not recorded a single victory vs. him in the previous 13 attempts.

Fast-forward to today: the two rivals squared off in the English Premier League’s Community Shield at Wembley Stadium, and Arsenal final won!!

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain scored for the gunners in the first half…

and it was enough for Arsenal to raise The Community Shield, 1-0 victors…

The story following the match, as always, was Mourinho…who shook the hand of every single Arsenal player/member EXCEPT Wenger.

and then when he was done, decided to throw his second-place medal into the stands…

In re: to the incident(s), Mourinho said at the post match press conference:

You see the images, you see where I am. (I was) there for the winners, to wait for them in a point where you only miss me if you want to miss me.

Every Arsenal player came in my direction, which was the easiest thing to do.

If other people didn’t come in my direction, that’s not a problem, that’s not a story, that’s not the end of the world.

The best team lost. And the defensive team won.

Jose Mourinho forever, man…


(h/t @netw3rk)