Aroldis Chapman Has the Need for Speed: Four Speeding Tickets in Two Years

By Jason McIntyre
Pittsburgh Pirates v Cincinnati Reds
Pittsburgh Pirates v Cincinnati Reds / Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Aroldis Chapman, the Cincinnati Reds’ closer, was arrested earlier this weekafter he was pulled over for speeding and cops found he was driving on a suspended license. The Cincinnati Enquirer has done some digging and it turns out Chapman – the guy who may or may not have thrown a 106 mph fastball – has four speeding tickets in two years. He’s a menace to the highways of Kentucky and Ohio! Chapman has had his license suspended twice in 11 months.

[Sidenote: Why hasn’t Chapman pulled the, “Don’t you know who I am?” card? If Indians pitchers are using it, Reds pitchers should definitely be using it.]

Can’t the Reds pony up and get this guy a driver? Or did that plan fall apart when they gave Joey Votto $225 million? Cincinnati GM Walt Jocketty, sounding like a concerned father, said:

"“The best advice we can give him right now is to slow down,” Jocketty said. “He likes to drive his car fast.” "

Aroldis Chapman dials it up on officers’ radar guns []